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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject RE: why are form beans required for html:form?
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 17:05:19 GMT
At 11:21 PM -0500 1/15/04, Ted Husted wrote:
>On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 12:14:46 -0600, Joe Germuska wrote:
>>  Now, at the risk of sidetracking this discussion, I have to bring
>>  up my other Struts pet-peeve -- the over complexity of pre-filling
>>  forms from data rather than from the request.  I'm wondering if
>>  bringing up some questions about how the form bean is looked up
>>  gives me a chance to scratch that itch too...?
>I don't think this is what you meant, but I've wondered whether the 
>tags should check the request for a corresponding attribute if the 
>formbean property returns null.

Since I've adopted the "use strings as ActionForm properties", I 
don't have much use for this kind of solution, but it also just seems 
kind of complicated.

I think the trickiest bit about getting the ActionForm for prefilling 
involves the dependency on ActionMappings in the API around getting 
form instances.  Right now you need an ActionMapping to get a 
DynaActionForm, although the mapping is just used to look up the 
FormBeanConfig.  Someone has probably suggested this before, but what 
about adding a "newInstance()" method to  FormBeanConfig?

 From there, one could create an alternate method on RequestUtils:

     public static ActionForm createActionForm(
             HttpServletRequest request,
             String formName,
             String scope,
             ModuleConfig moduleConfig,
             ActionServlet servlet)

presumably it's not asking too much to know the form's name if you 
intend to set properties on it, and besides, you need to know it so 
that you can put it in either request or session someplace where the 
form tag would find it.


Joe Germuska       
       "Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them 
the usual way.  This happens to us all the time with computers, and 
nobody thinks of complaining."
             -- Jef Raskin

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