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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: maven checkstyle report
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 22:24:49 GMT
>1. License file check errors:  There is a check to make sure all the 
>source code begins with the license.  This is generating errors 
>because the copyrights don't all follow the same years as what it 
>expects to find.  It does lead me to question how the years in the 
>copyrights are updated.  This is now 2004 and I wonder if any files 
>have 2004 in them for instance.  There are at least two approachs to 
>fix the checkstyle issue:
>  Option 1 (easy way)  we modify conf/qa/CheckStyle.xml and add 10 to 
>ignoreLines (already has 2,3,4,5).  I can submit a patch for that 
>today if there is a go ahead.
>  Option 2  we could make another copy of the license file with a 
>regular expression for the years in the file.
>I'm leaning towards option 1 on this myself and it seems consistent 
>with solutions that have been applied in the past.

I agree, option 1 is much simpler.

>2. Tab errors:  It has an error for tabs in the files.  Option 1  we 
>remove the tabs check from checkStyle.
>  Option 2  we replace tabs with spaces and do a quick visual check 
>to see how everything lines up.
>Which approach to take here isn't  as obvious.  How important is it 
>wether there are tabs or spaces?  That's not really my call, but I'm 
>willing to take care of it either way.

This is the stuff religious wars are made of; it is true, though, 
things like diff work much better if indentation is done 
consistently, whichever character is used.  I don't recall if there's 
an official preference in Struts, but I imagine someone will pipe in 
if it's important to them.

If it turns into a big debate, better to disable the tabs check, 
because as you say, it'll improve the signal-to-noise ratio in the 
checkstyle reports.


Joe Germuska       
  "We want beef in dessert if we can get it there."
   -- Betty Hogan, Director of New Product Development, National 
Cattlemen's Beef Association

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