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From Patrick Chanezon <>
Subject Re: Does struts-chain work with tomcat 4.1 ?
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 08:36:14 GMT
Joe Germuska wrote:

>>> Of course, it would be better to rewrite the struts-chain build to 
>>> explicitly identify the JARs it needs, when time allows.
>> I'm not sure this would be better.
>> Mavenizing struts-chain would be the best, but then with how maven is 
>> currently operating, you would need to explicitly declare all 
>> dependencies in struts-chain, thus duplicating struts dependencies in 
>> this subproject.
>> My colleague Alejandro Abdelnur, whom I CC here, has a very 
>> interesting maven enhancement proposal to solve that kind of issue:
> ...
> That Maven enhancement sounds useful, and I've definitely heard 
> discussions of the like on the maven-dev list, either related to 
> Alejandro's proposal or at least sympathetic to it.
> For now, we could just declare that the struts-chain project.xml 
> extends the struts project.xml; this would work now without waiting 
> for changes to maven which will probably be slow in coming, since they 
> are doing a big under-the-hood overhaul for Maven 1.1 Jakarta-Commons 
> uses project inheritance extensively, and I've used it myself and it 
> pretty much does what we want here -- makes sure that the versions of 
> common JAR dependencies track between struts-chain and struts itself.
Thanks Joe: you are definitely right, project inheritance should be 
exactly what's needed for the struts / struts-chain use case.
I had completely forgotten about that possibility, since I've never used 
it yet.

>>> The problem you identified with the example struts-config.xml may 
>>> not be the only one; I tried using that a bit when I was working on 
>>> getting Chain installed, and ended up finding it easier to just put 
>>> the ComposableRequestProcessor in the app I was working on rather 
>>> than getting it working with the struts-chain example app.  If you 
>>> have the time to fix up the struts-config.xml to work correctly, 
>>> patches would be gratefully accepted.  (Preferably attached to a 
>>> bugzilla entry.)
>> I'll send a patch when I succeed in making that stuff work.
>> So my understanding is that the current struts-config.xml in 
>> struts-chain is out of sync with the struts example application, and 
>> you work with a different web application to test your work.
>> Do I understand right ?
> I believe that's true, and probably more so since Ted has been doing a 
> ton of work on the example applications lately.  I'm plugging the 
> chain straight into my current project and it's working.
Thanks, I'll try on a simple application then.

>> The changes I made in struts-nightly struts-config.xml to use the 
>> ComposableRequestProcessor are:
>> ...
>> When I do that I get the welcome page but all links go to blank pages.
>> Did I miss something ?
> That all looks correct to me.  You should be able to make those two 
> changes (define an alternate processor class in controller-config; 
> include Chain plug-in) in any existing Struts application you have and 
> have it basically work.
Thanks for your help.


> Joe

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