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From Patrick Chanezon <>
Subject Re: Does struts-chain work with tomcat 4.1 ?
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 12:12:35 GMT
Thanks very much for your answer Joe.
Details below.

Joe Germuska wrote:

>> My other questions still stand.
>> 1. is someone actively working on that code right now ?
>> 2. does someone have struts-chain installed and configured correctly ?
>> from where did you get it ? Any caveats for the build ?
>> 4. I used maven to build struts: the maven dist target's result differs
>> significantly from ant's dist, and contrib/struts-chain makes some
>> assumptions about what's 2 levels above that are not met by the maven 
>> build.
>> This is whay I had to use a nightly build.
>> is there a way to generate jakarta-struts's from 
>> maven ?-)
> As a matter of fact, yes, I've put in a few patches to struts-chain 
> over the last couple of weeks.  Specifically last night I committed a 
> change to struts-chain which will now require the newest nightly build 
> of Struts (2004/01/19 or later) -- this is to more correctly support 
> declarative exception handling for superclasses of the thrown 
> exception.    I also recently put in support for Tiles, although that 
> is not in the default chain-config.xml
I'll cvs update today.

> So yes, in doing this, I have been using a struts-chain installation. 
> I built from CVS, and of course, i'm using Struts itself also built 
> from CVS.  It works fine.  I'm running it under Tomcat 4.1.29, but I 
> doubt that makes a difference.
I use tomcat 4.1.29 as well. I agree it should not make a difference anyway.

> It's true that because the build.xml for struts-chain relies on the 
> Ant build of Struts, it would be fairly tedious to get it to work the 
> way it is now using Struts built only with Maven.
> You can't generate the Struts from Maven, but it 
> might be helpful for us to put in a version of 
> based on defining your maven repository home and then computing the 
> paths to all of the jars based on that.

I'll try to do that: this may indeed be the easiest short term way of 
solving this ant/maven problem.

>   I can send you my privately if you want a head 
> start on that.  Of course, it would be better to rewrite the 
> struts-chain build to explicitly identify the JARs it needs, when time 
> allows.

I'm not sure this would be better.
Mavenizing struts-chain would be the best, but then with how maven is 
currently operating, you would need to explicitly declare all 
dependencies in struts-chain, thus duplicating struts dependencies in 
this subproject.
My colleague Alejandro Abdelnur, whom I CC here, has a very interesting 
maven enhancement proposal to solve that kind of issue: enhance the 
resolver to determine dependencies in a transitive way.
Today maven's resolver resolves inter-project dependencies for the 
multiproject plugin just for ordering the build. This goes one step 
further and will allow for one subproject to reuse the dependencies of a 
project it depends on.
My initial reaction to Alejandro's proposal was not very enthusiastic, 
since you want to be able to build a project in isolation.
But struts-chain, which you can build only in the context of an existing 
stuts build is a perfect use case for this.

The example here will be:
struts-chain depends on struts, thus it will add all the dependencies 
from struts automatically.
He has a working prototype that I will try with struts-chain, to see if 
this flies.

>   If you take my, change the maven repository path, 
> and do "ant dist" in the Struts CVS root, you may have an easier time 
> building struts-chain.
I got struts-chain to build using a nightly build instead of my maven 
local build, but the example app still does not work.
I'm going to have a go at this and build everything 
locally from a fresh cvs update.

> The problem you identified with the example struts-config.xml may not 
> be the only one; I tried using that a bit when I was working on 
> getting Chain installed, and ended up finding it easier to just put 
> the ComposableRequestProcessor in the app I was working on rather than 
> getting it working with the struts-chain example app.  If you have the 
> time to fix up the struts-config.xml to work correctly, patches would 
> be gratefully accepted.  (Preferably attached to a bugzilla entry.)
I'll send a patch when I succeed in making that stuff work.
So my understanding is that the current struts-config.xml in 
struts-chain is out of sync with the struts example application, and you 
work with a different web application to test your work.
Do I understand right ?

The changes I made in struts-nightly struts-config.xml to use the 
ComposableRequestProcessor are:

modify original struts-example struts-config.xml to add just the chains 
related stuff
<!-- P@   <controller pagePattern="$M$P" inputForward="true" /> -->
    <!-- pagePattern: use this pattern when creating URIs to resources.
        $M=module, $P=path -->
    <!-- inputForward: The "input" parameter on "action" elements is the 
name of a
         local or global "forward" rather than a module-relative path -->
    <!-- The "input" parameter on "action" elements is the name of a
         local or global "forward" rather than a module-relative path -->
    <set-property property="inputForward" value="true"/>
    <!-- Use the composable request processor implementation -->

<!-- P@ -->
    <!-- Configure the command chains to be used -->

When I do that I get the welcome page but all links go to blank pages.
Did I miss something ?
Could you please send me in a private email:
- the war you use to test struts-chain
- your

Thanks very much for your help.


> Joe

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