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From Paul Sundling <>
Subject Re: Why the different parameter counts?
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 20:36:36 GMT
I'd be interested in creating a patch for that.  I always thought it was 
abitrary having some number of arguments like that myself. :)  I think 
David is right on needing the single Object version, which is probably 
pretty common.  To imagine why, just remember when sun tried to 
deprecate ServletRequest().getParameter().

I'll be busy all this week, but I could attempt it next week.  At that 
point I'll also send an update on some other minor stuff I'd volunteered 
to do and any related feedback I needed.

Paul Sundling

Larry Meadors wrote:

>>>Other than some confusion, it is not a big deal, but it seems 
>>>odd to me that they are different. Am I missing something? Is 
>>>there a reason for not adding the five parameter version to 
>>>the MessageResources method?
>>IMO, there should be 3 versions of the method: accepting no 
>>replacement args, accepting one replacement arg, accepting 
>>an array of replacement args.  The 4 or 5 arg methods seem 
>I think you are right and that seems like a simple solution. But I
>wonder if even the one replacement arg is worth the extra code.
>The tag always calls the array version of the method, and the extra
>parameters to getMessage() buy you nothing because the methods simply
>convert the parameters to arrays, which can be done in-line anyway! :-)
>Clearly, it is not a pressing issue because it works. I think the tag is
>fine because it can be messy to pass arrays in jsp, but these two
>methods are the only ones that are actually needed:
> - getMessage(String, Object[])
> - getMessage(Locale, String, Object[])
>The rest is fluff and IMO should be deprecated in 1.2 and removed in the
>next release. ;-)
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