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From Paul Sundling <>
Subject maven checkstyle report
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 22:23:10 GMT
I was thinking that clearing up some of the most common checkstyle 
errors might make those reports more useful.  There are two errors which 
would be broadly fixed with little problem.  This would vastly improve 
the signal to noise ratio on the report. :)

1. License file check errors:  There is a check to make sure all the 
source code begins with the license.  This is generating errors because 
the copyrights don't all follow the same years as what it expects to 
find.  It does lead me to question how the years in the copyrights are 
updated.  This is now 2004 and I wonder if any files have 2004 in them 
for instance.  There are at least two approachs to fix the checkstyle issue:
  Option 1 (easy way)  we modify conf/qa/CheckStyle.xml and add 10 to 
ignoreLines (already has 2,3,4,5).  I can submit a patch for that today 
if there is a go ahead.
  Option 2  we could make another copy of the license file with a 
regular expression for the years in the file.

I'm leaning towards option 1 on this myself and it seems consistent with 
solutions that have been applied in the past.

2. Tab errors:  It has an error for tabs in the files. 
  Option 1  we remove the tabs check from checkStyle.
  Option 2  we replace tabs with spaces and do a quick visual check to 
see how everything lines up.

Which approach to take here isn't  as obvious.  How important is it 
wether there are tabs or spaces?  That's not really my call, but I'm 
willing to take care of it either way.

Paul Sundling

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