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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: pagePattern
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 13:36:34 GMT
Hey, here's an alternative: 

How about combining the exercise-taglib, validator, and upload applications in to single application
three modules?

That way we can avoid unnecessary complications to the MailReader, eliminate two redundant
sets of JARs, share the LocaleAction without making it a standard Action, and have a shared
module example to tinker with. 

I still think we need a stock LocaleAction, but that could also be made part of a separate
distribution with some other goodies that many people find helpful but might not be suitable
for the actions package.

Since I want to address the pagePattern and other module reports for 1.2.0, and need a test-bed,
I'm going to have a go at combining the aforementioned gang of three.


On Fri, 02 Jan 2004 07:18:19 -0500, Ted Husted wrote:
> I was setting up a working test for pagePattern in an application
> that doesn't use module (the Mailreader Example). It doesn't seem
> to recognize a pattern like "/pages$M$P" where it the same
> application it does recognize a forwardPattern like "/do$M$P".
> I think I see where the problem might be, but I really need a
> baseline modules application to proceed.
> We broke the "register" portion of MailReader out to demonstrate
> multiple configs and then wildcard actions. I'm thinking we
> (meaning I) should finish the job and make the "register" portion a
> separate module. Thoughts?  Objections? Alternatives?
> -Ted.

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