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From "Gary D Ashley Jr." <>
Subject RE: Compartmentalization of Modules (was Re: [18111] et al)
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 14:59:29 GMT
Ted Husted wrote: 
> If you've implemented one like this, tell me, where there any issues
about > using 
> <html:link module="" action="welcome" /> 
> To indicate the "unnamed" default module?

I never actually tested attempting to link to the default module.  The
implementation I use is based on the 1.1 release, and I changed the
computeUrl method in RequestUtils.  Essentially: 
	moduleConfig =	(ModuleConfig)

If the default module was stored under Globals.MODULE_KEY, then it would
have been found.  

I would agree that using module="" would point to the default module.  

> Would we also want module links to check the default module before
> "unknown" (404)?

+1 to the idea of checking the default module (and maybe the current
module) if the supplied module / action pair could not be found before
giving 404.  

A side note:
I did submit some code in late October based on the most recent nightly
build at the time, but I had combined the concept of checking roles with
it.  As I am
freed up today, I'd be happy to convert this over to the latest CVS
branch if that'd help.

> -Ted.


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