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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Deprecated: ActionError
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 14:15:54 GMT

i watched at the sources and figured out, that
ActionError is deprecated so that i have to use ActionMessage. Okay.

The add() in ActionErrors is also deprecated, because of first. fine.

So i watched the Validator-Sources (class FieldChecks)
i saw there ist ActionMessages in use for "errors".
for the deliverd Methods.

So i looked at our validate() in ActionForm,
but there is still ActionErrors.

So i wondered, why the validator uses Messages and
the validate() uses Erros...

and also i saw, that the validator gets
initialized with an ActionErrors-object in:  Resources.initValidator();

inside of initValidator()
this happends:
validator.setParameter(ACTION_ERRORS_PARAM, errors)

but "key" for errors is this:
    private static String ACTION_ERRORS_PARAM =

the first parameter of "setParameter()" is called: "parameterClassName".
so the errors gets initialized as an ActionMessages-object, isn´t?

so question:
why is the ActionErrors not deprecated?

in release-notes i saw:
"Although not removed, in many cases you should replace the deprecated
ActionErrors with the preferred ActionMessages to ensure correct

why not in all?

it would be fine, to know this ;-)



Matthias Weßendorf

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