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From "Yansheng Lin" <>
Subject Japanese Struts Mailing List
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 23:27:20 GMT
Hi which japanese mailing list are you talking about?  I subscribed to, but it's not very active, wondering if there is a more
active mailing list.


-----Original Message-----
From: yasuhiko yoshikawa [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 4:02 AM
To: Struts Developers List
Subject: Re: Japanese/Asain/Russian/Arabic Struts Committers Needed (Was: Re:
TagUtils.encodeURL performance)

 Honestly, I am not familiar with Punycode. But to my understanding, it
is very different from UTF-8. (in fact, if my memory serves right, it
was proposed as another encoding scheme for Unicode, because existing
coding scheme for Unicode, UTF-{8|16|32},  are not effective to express
internationalized IDN. Also, Punycode would be used for domain name part
exclusively (again if my memory serves), so it would happen that we need
to deal with two encoding schemes like,
domain name    ->  punycode
path/parameter ->  UTF-8 or other character enoding + url encoding
if we are going to encode non-ascii domain names and path. (please correct
me if i am wrong.)

Are you suggesting to have Punycode encoder integrated into Struts?
While it would be interesting to see punycode integrated into Struts,
there will not be many occasion where it is useful. And when we do not
have Punycode encoder in our application server/framework, we can always
pre-encode the domain name using Punycode.

Thank you for information about the steps it takes to be a committer. I
agree it would make i18n better if some direct stake holder of i18n be
included as committers. I will talk about it on the Japanese mailing
list. I myself is also interested, so if  no one comes up, then I would
like to volunteer.

Talk to you later.

> There is also Internationalization of domain names, and ultimately URL's
> -Rob
> >
> I am glad you spoke up,
> We need (1 or more) an Japanese/Asian/Russian/Arabic Struts Committers, 
> because they will have supporting the i18
> in their best interest.
>    If an Asian/Russian/Arabic developer(s) started making regular 
> contributions,
>      then after a while(3 - 9 months) we would know that that person 
> would be a valuable committers,
>      and they might be nominated.
>      The qualities that would increase the likely hood that I would nominate
>       them as a Committer are:
>            through : (attach diff patches against Nightly builds) (Test 
> patches throughly)
>            persistent (make noise) so as to make sure patches are applied.
>            semi-fluent: in written english (able to clearly describe a 
> problem, and solution in written english)
>                              skelling (Spelling ;-) ) is not important !
>            flexible : willing to discuss different approaches with other 
> developers/committers,
>                            and arrive at a good solutions regardless of 
> whose Ideas they are.
>            centered :They know that its ok to make mistakes, and learn 
> from them.
> We normally like to gradually add new committers.
> Do you know of anyone that might want to step up ?
> What is the Bug report number ? Have been tested by  Japanese users ?
>  These could be rolled into the 1.2.1 release, which could cut be made 
> to address this problem.

Yasuhiko Sakakibara

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