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From "Puneet Agarwal" <>
Subject What Do U think abt this feature
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2003 09:49:51 GMT
Struts Developers,
This is one of my first few mails to this forum. I have been using struts
for almost 2 years now.

In our applications we have been having a need to navigate from one page to
another in a cris-cross manner.
Say a screen J1 could have been called from number of screens J2 to Jn.

On the Page J1 there is a close button or return button which causes the
control to return to the Calling page.

So we need an intellegence in the application to remember the stack of
We have implemented this by overriding the processActionPerform method of
RequestProcessor Class. There we maintain a java.util.Stack of the

And we have also extended the DispatchAction Class, where we have provided
a metod named getCallingForward(). Which returns an actionForward of the
last element in Stack.

If you guys think it can of any use, I shall pass it across.

Puneet Agarwal

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