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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Resource Bundle Prototyping
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 15:44:38 GMT
The main move regarding resource bundles is to use the 
commons-resources package (which is still in the "sandbox").

There has been some discussion about commons-resources on the Commons 
Dev mailing list lately.  This post by Martin Cooper 
summarizes the current state of affairs, but note that there are 
messages before and after it in the thread if you want complete 

Your suggestion is on the Struts-specific side of things, but it 
might be worth monitoring that discussion (particularly about 
refining the abstractions) to help ensure that the general API 
doesn't make it difficult or impossible to get where you want to be.


At 11:22 -0400 8/6/03, Sgarlata Matt wrote:
>Has there been any discussion of allowing resource bundles to 
>inherit properties from other resource bundles?  For the project I 
>am working on, it would be nice if we had one resource bundle with 
>application-level properties and also module-specific resource 
>bundles which had all the properties of the application-level 
>resource bundle plus additional ones specific to that module.  I 
>know you can specify multiple resource bundles per module in Struts, 
>but the problem is that certain components (e.g. - the validator) 
>always look for the default resource bundle.
>I can elaborate on why exactly I would like to see this feature if 
>someone would like me to.

Joe Germuska       
"If nature worked that way, the universe would crash all the time." 
	--Jaron Lanier

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