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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Addition of two new actions
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 23:29:06 GMT
On Sunday, August 3, 2003, at 06:02  PM, David Graham wrote:
> Not everyone uses the terms "success" and "failure" in their apps and
> hardcoding these into Struts is *not* a good idea.  It's an extremely
> small wheel to reinvent public static final String SUCCESS = "blah"; 
> :-).

Well, WebWork(2) defines them as constants for you.  I use "success" 
and "failure" as my mapping names.  Its a pretty standard thing.  And 
so what if its defined in Struts?  No one is forcing anyone to use it, 
but the primary defaults would be built-in as constants.

> I still don't see a need for a SuccessAction in the first place.  Why 
> is
> it any better than using a ForwardAction?

Its a lot better in my opinion.  Having to define a mapping in a 
parameter attribute doesn't sit well with me.  I use 
inputForward="true" on my configuration, and all my forward mappings 
are defined with a <forward> element, not even in input, or parameter.

Having a SuccessAction makes it much easier to do skeleton/storyboarded 
sites and fill in the details later.  Switching from a SuccessAction to 
a real action when the time is right requires only changing the class 
name, not the structure of the action mapping XML too.  In my Advanced 
Struts talks, I recommend a SuccessAction over ForwardAction as how I 
do it.  Of course everyone's mileage may vary.


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