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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Addition of two new actions
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 21:06:58 GMT
Steve Raeburn wrote:
> SuccessAction does already exist in Scaffold. That version is slightly
> different as it uses the Tokens constants class. I don't really see what
> that would buy us, as the user would still need to know what name to enter
> for the ActionForward. I wouldn't want to tie a core Action to the scaffold
> package and if we added the constant to Globals it just makes it harder for
> the user to figure out what to name his ActionForward. (Imagine the
> Javadoc - "This action forwards to an ActionForward specified by the value
> of the org.apache.struts.Globals.SUCCESS constant" vs. "This action forwards
> to an ActionForward named "success".)

Actually, I would say that we should provide "success" and "failure" as 
standard tokens in the Global class. We are forever saying that most 
Actions only need success and failure to make do. And, I for one, have 
sworn off *ever* using a inline static String in production code. Rather 
than expect everyone to reinvent the wheel by defining "success" and 
"failure" in their own applications, we should just provide it as a 

Of course, I realize that these are English words. But, so are "true" 
and "false", and the Java platform defines these as String statics, and 
we should feel free to do the same with "success" and "failure". 
Virtually every Struts example program uses these tokens, and we should 
just get real and make them globals.

As for the JavaDoc issues, we already have to do this with everything 
else, like what key attribute the locale property is stored under in the 
session context.

Meanwhile, if there is anything anyone wants to move or copy from 
Scaffold to the core distribution, please feel free. =:)


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