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From Rob Leland <>
Subject Re: Addition of two new actions
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2003 03:21:58 GMT
Steve Raeburn wrote:

>I would prefer going with simpler, specialised classes than a monolithic

+1,  I am infavor of the simpler classes. They are easier to understand, 
maintain and modify.

> but if there is a consensus to combine them then I accept
>your point.
>A combined action may perhaps offer more flexibility. A concrete subclass
>might be able to resolve the method in different ways depending on what was
>present at runtime. (request parameter, parameter, key).
>However, I'm not sure that flexibility justifies the increased complexity of
>the class or of understanding how to use it. Potential areas for user
+1, I have see too many struts based programs heap the functionality 
into Action classes, and they are a bear to
  maintain. The same is true in any class, and having a simpler 
DispatchAction class is a cleaner way to go.

>confusion would be misunderstanding the order of preference for resolving
>the method names or not recognizing conflicts that could arise between them.
>Also, what happens if we need to resolve by other means? Add more weight to
>the super class or add another specialized sub class?
>To summarize:
>  - I think we definitely need the functionality that
>    ParameterDispatchAction offers.
>  - If the actions are combined, the result needs to be just as extensible
>    and easy to understand as keeping them separate.
>  - I would rather not combine them, but I'm open to ideas that satisfy
>    the previous two points.
Again, I am infavor of the simpler classes. 

Rob Leland (703-525-3580)

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