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From Rob Leland <>
Subject Re: Addition of two new actions
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 16:57:28 GMT
David Graham wrote:

>--- Rob Leland <> wrote:
>>Ted Husted wrote:
>>>I use many utilities Actions like these, and the result is that fewer 
>>>*custom* Actions are needed. I think increasing the number of standard
>>>Actions in the distribution is a very good idea. It makes Struts more 
>>>accessible to newcomers, saves everyone from reimplementing the same 
>>>design, and leverages the fact that Actions are singletons.
>>How about struts-tools distribution named after the velocity-tools.
>>These would be classes that could be used stand-alone or in pairs.
>>Tnen we could place those orphan RequestUtils absoluteURL, and other
>>utilities there.
>>It would have a package structure, actions, ....)
>I think unused methods/classes should be deprecated and removed.  We
>shouldn't be carrying around excess unused utility code just because a
>user *might* be using them.
I agree they should be moved from the core package.
And moved to an optional package.

Rob Leland (703-525-3580)

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