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From David Graham <>
Subject Re: Addition of two new actions
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 22:02:06 GMT
--- Ted Husted <> wrote:
> Steve Raeburn wrote:
> > SuccessAction does already exist in Scaffold. That version is slightly
> > different as it uses the Tokens constants class. I don't really see
> what
> > that would buy us, as the user would still need to know what name to
> enter
> > for the ActionForward. I wouldn't want to tie a core Action to the
> scaffold
> > package and if we added the constant to Globals it just makes it
> harder for
> > the user to figure out what to name his ActionForward. (Imagine the
> > Javadoc - "This action forwards to an ActionForward specified by the
> value
> > of the org.apache.struts.Globals.SUCCESS constant" vs. "This action
> forwards
> > to an ActionForward named "success".)
> Actually, I would say that we should provide "success" and "failure" as 
> standard tokens in the Global class. We are forever saying that most 
> Actions only need success and failure to make do. And, I for one, have 
> sworn off *ever* using a inline static String in production code. Rather
> than expect everyone to reinvent the wheel by defining "success" and 
> "failure" in their own applications, we should just provide it as a 
> convenience.

Not everyone uses the terms "success" and "failure" in their apps and
hardcoding these into Struts is *not* a good idea.  It's an extremely
small wheel to reinvent public static final String SUCCESS = "blah"; :-).

I still don't see a need for a SuccessAction in the first place.  Why is
it any better than using a ForwardAction?


> Of course, I realize that these are English words. But, so are "true" 
> and "false", and the Java platform defines these as String statics, and 
> we should feel free to do the same with "success" and "failure". 
> Virtually every Struts example program uses these tokens, and we should 
> just get real and make them globals.
> As for the JavaDoc issues, we already have to do this with everything 
> else, like what key attribute the locale property is stored under in the
> session context.
> Meanwhile, if there is anything anyone wants to move or copy from 
> Scaffold to the core distribution, please feel free. =:)
> -Ted.
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