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From "Benjamin Hood" <>
Subject [PATCH] RequestProcessor : Populating non-String Bean fields
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2003 16:29:01 GMT

I'm very new to MVC Frontends but thing I have noticed is that many struts
applications replicate business objects through forms, which are just the
string representation of the business data.

I have noticed that there has been some discussion about automatically
populating non-String Bean fields through the RequestProcessor facility.

Therefore I am submitting a working sugestion, which may or may not seem
sensible. As I said, this is just a first version of a solution to a
problem that I am confronted with in a productive situation, so there are
many details which would need to brushed up, if this approach was to be
followed any further (e.g. XML-Configuration, Default configurations,
creating a separate RequestProcessor, examples, testing, etc).


- I tentatively called this the FromString plugin (because that's what it
- It uses the plugin mechanism.
- For speeds sake, I patched the RequestProcessor and the RequestUtils
(although one could create a separate RP, but I didn't because I gathered
through various discussion threads that the RP interface is going to be
changed - but correct if I'm wrong).
- It has a static configuration at the moment (so any further developement
would need to use the Digester mechanism).
- Because of this static config, the package contains a TestForm, in order
to prevent a cyclical dependency during deployment (for testing).
- It just provides the String2java.util.Date conversion at the moment.
- It has been tested with a simple JSP that sets a bean field of the type
- The plugin essentially defines a collection of conversion services, which
can be configured at the field level of any given bean.
- For example, Bean XXX has fields 1 to n, where field i is a Date field.
Therefore the field[i] of XXXBean is mapped to Conversion object which is
invoked when the Bean gets populated after the View form has been
- Of course, Conversion objects can be reused and one can map any number of
fields in any bean.
- (Maybe I've forgotten something, but I don't think so)

As I mentioned above, I would like to use such a mechanism in production
code, but if anybody feels that this kind of thing might be useful for the
general framework, I would quite happy to brush it up and submit it as open
source code, rather than just implementing proprietry code (of course
taking any further suggestions into account).



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