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From Daniel Steudel <>
Subject Re: Controller and Actions
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 05:53:03 GMT
thx matt

>I agree that you should have several actions for a single form.
>Fortunately, you can do this with Strut's DispatchAction.  I make extensive
>use of in the project I am working on.
i honestly have to tell you i haven't heard of this opportunity. i 
checked it out but there are still some things i suggest as not being 
"best praktice".

>I think everything you described in your 6 step scenario can be done with a
>combination of dispatch actions, the commons validator, and Strut's
>declarative exception handling.
i don't agree with you here. i also think that you can work around with 
this setup but it is not satisfying. again the dispatchaction is only 
one action which makes you infexible. i think of actions as a potion of 
software you can put into various contexts. best example would be a form 
reset action which can be put on every view to reset the userinput. as 
far as i can see you have to provide a reset routine in every action to 
do so. if the reset action would be independent it would be possible to 
use this action in various contexts. furthermore you have only one form 
an action can deal with. this means for the different contexts you have 
to create different forms to adequately handle the userinput. if you 
look at swing actions deal with input themselves. i don't think 
processing input like that isn't possible on the web but what about 
callback methods or listener methods the controller (i mean the 
controlling portion of a view) has to implement? another thing is to 
channelise comunication between the componenst (view - action - model ) 
through the controller (not the struts-type controller). if you do so, 
you can compose components more easily i'd say.


>You should check out the documentation on
>Jakarta's site or purchase one of the many books about Struts.  The O'Reilly
>book is IMHO not so great, but at least it does a good job explaining all of
>the features of Struts so at least I knew where to look.
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>From: "Daniel Steudel" <>
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>Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 11:19 AM
>Subject: Controller and Actions
>hi folks,
>i am working on a project right now for which i figured out struts to be
>perfectly suitable. but as i looked at it a little closer i saw some
>issues in the "struts way" i don't agree with. the main problem is that
>you think of a 1-to-1 relation between a form and an action (i think so
>'cause you send a form to an (action-)controller that handles the params
>and passes them to one action). i would say there could be various
>actions on one form. you can have several submit-buttons each considered
>as a separate action. so the action to be performed should be determined
>by the value of the submit-button.
>the other thing i would expect is a 1-to-n relation between (what i
>refere to as controller) a controller that handles form-data and views.
>so the process would be:
>1. user sends data to controller
>2. controller sets up form-bean and tells the form-bean to validate it self
>3. controller desides which action is to be performed behalf of the
>pressed submit-button
>4. action returns or fails whith an exception
>5.1. on success tell form-bean to reload data and pass controll to the
>appropriate view
>5.2. on failure don't reload form and pass controll to the appropriate
>view (to be descided on the exception)
>6. view sends new content
>the point i came to this suggestion is, i have to deal with barrier-free
>internet (eg lynx-compatible sites). shure you can change the location
>the form is sent to by using JavaScript but not so in lynx.
>so am i completely wrong with my point of view? i would luv to know.
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