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From David Graham <>
Subject Refactoring RequestUtils
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 00:57:24 GMT
The movement of JSP specific methods to TagUtils is nearly completed
except for moving the externalized messages.  I'd like to refactor
RequestUtils even more to reduce its hefty size.  There are 2 distinct
groups of methods: URL related and Module related.

1.  I suggest we move the module methods into a new ModuleUtils class.

2.  I would suggest that there also be a UrlUtils class except that 4 of
the URL methods aren't used in Struts and 2 of them should be moved into
TagUtils.  serverURL(), absoluteURL(), actionURL(), and printableURL() are
not used.  encodeURL() and pageURL() should go to TagUtils.  What do we do
with the 4 unused methods?



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