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From David Graham <>
Subject Re: When is the next release?
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 13:35:44 GMT
--- Ted Husted <> wrote:
> IMHO, the next minor release can happen whenever someone is ready to 
> step up to the plate and volunteer to be the Release Manager.
> AFAIK, right now, we are in a "evolutionary mode"; so, anything we are 
> checking into the CVS should be, as far as the Committer knows, ready 
> for prime time as soon as we check it in. If any "revolutionary code" is
> proposed, we should be sure to release what's already on board before 
> making those types of changes to the HEAD.
> If someone sees something going into the HEAD that looks dicey, then it 
> should be addressed right away. Any of us can unilaterally veto a change
> on technical grounds before a release, but once the change is released, 
> it becomes the new status quo. The ability for any of us to roll a 
> majority-vote release is the check-and-balance for the unilateral 
> product-change veto.
> I was away last week (and getting ready to go away the week before), but
> I'll be trying to chip away at some of the patches on my list now. But 
> if anyone is ready to be the RM and roll a 1.2 Release Candidate, that 
> would be fine with me. During the last cycle, I continued to update the 
> Roadmap page with more background on the release process, if anyone is 
> looking for primers.
> One thing that that we should remember to trumpet loudly is that we 
> [meaning mostly David :)] have started to remove many of the 
> longstanding deprecations. So, for example, any Struts 1.0.x Actions 
> that use the old Action statics or the old perform method won't compile 
> under Struts 1.2.0+ (when released).
> While this may seem like a brief deprecation period to some people, 
> things like this have been deprecated for several months, or even over a
> year, so the time is definitely nigh =:0)

Not only have they been deprecated for a long time, I was referring to
item 2 on this list:
when deciding to remove deprecated features.  Also, when I deprecated some
things for 1.2 I made sure to put something like, "This will be removed
after Struts 1.2", in the javadoc so we don't accidentally remove these
things too soon.


> -Ted.
> James Mitchell wrote:
> > So, has it been a whole 2 weeks now???  ;)
> > 
> > Isn't it about time we release a new version with the latest bug
> fixes?
> > 
> > Other than bug fixes and simple enhancements, are there any plans or
> have 
> > there been any definite decisions on what will go into Struts 1.1.1 or
> 1.2.0?  
> > At this point it seems rather open as to what goes into the next
> release(s).  
> > 
> > 
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