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From David Graham <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Modular Struts Examples
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 19:16:11 GMT
> I have no problem beeing silly. :-)
> My point was a shade on the other side. Yes Struts can show integration 
> to do 100's of things out there.
> But at its core, Struts is a controller framework.
> So the "value" of MVC upload is a bit of a gray area.
> If we kind of agree (ahh agree) that Struts is model agnostic and view 
> agnostic, I was just implying that upload is not a core value of Struts.

Providing upload ability in Struts is needed.  Struts is designed to make
developing webapps simple, not ripping out functionality and telling
people to go do it themselves.

> Maveric instead of Ant for build. My argument is this. CVS out 
> CommonsSQL and use Maverick to build it. Sexy!

I don't know what you mean by this but CVS and Ant are *well* understood
by thousands of developers.  There is no reason to change it now.

> It auto downloads all the other jars it needs. People can target any 
> thing very easily. The build process becomes simple and fun.
> (I do not have this code, but could)
> Required in DTD of sturts-config the request processor element. - This 
> nudges expert users in extending Struts in the right place, it exposes 
> the right place overlooked.
> Reduce number of actions and formbeans in Struts. It could be
> consolidated.
> DAO - OK, here I walk a fine line.
> Struts is model agnostic. But slowest part of J2EE is DAO; and Struts is
> the most popular J2EE framework. No one outside of Struts-dev can fix 
> this. If there can be an interface (I know, if you change it.... bla, 
> bla) for a DAO, that is KISS, but could work for JDO, EJB, Hibrenate, 
> RowSet, MQ, etc. etc. It would enable people to easily plug and play a 
> model. I do not care what the signatures of this DAO are other than it 
> must allow ANY DAO implementation to be used and shoud be unit testable 
> for CRUD.
> Craig, I realy realy think that only you can make this happen. (That 
> registration of DAO for JSF I did not like, interface is KISS)

There is a project in the Commons sandbox called Mapper that attempts to
do exactly this.  Struts has no business incorporating DAOs.

> Display tag- (Talk out of bouth sides of your mouth) Yes Stuts is view 
> agnostic. But Display tag commiters are trying to make it updateable 
> AFAIK. Download the display tag war and run examples. This is the 
> colosest thing to DataGrid in JSP. Put it in Struts to get focus (and 
> then slowly move to taglibs).
> Anything else out of bP that somoene likes. (Ex: j2Ee + Sturts security 
> example, multi row updates, events - like action changed event for 
> session clean up)
> Target servlet 2.3 and JDK 1.4. - There are now dependencies on 2.3 and 
> more comming. Almost no one uses Tomcat 3. TC 5 level JSP 2.0 looks like
> more fun. People that want 2.2 or 1.3 could rebuild, or they can keep 
> using solid 1.1. A small KISS step. By the time 1.2 comes out....
> I will do the legwork on any of these, if a single dev is interested in 
> applying the diff., but most are trivial and do not need man hours. The 
> last one I hope makes it for the 1.2 release

How many times do we need to explain this to you?  Struts 1.x is based on
Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1.  It would take a major release version upgrade to
change that dependency.


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