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From David Graham <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Modular Struts Examples
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 20:38:57 GMT
Do users find the examples confusing?  I often refer people to the
struts-example and struts-validator apps for help so I don't think they're
under publicized.  I'm not sure that consolidating the examples would make
them easier to understand.  I certainly want an example module app and an
app that demonstrates a real world example would also be helpful.


--- Steve Raeburn <> wrote:
> There are currently seven different webapps within the Struts
> distribution
> that users are referred to for examples of Struts usage:
>  - struts-blank
>  - struts-example
>  - struts-excercise-taglib
>  - struts-template (not so much)
>  - tiles-documentation
>  - struts-upload
>  - struts-validator
> Not to mention the examples hosted at Sourceforge.
> Judging by the repetitive nature of certain questions on the user list
> there
> is a problem with finding/understanding the examples and/or
> finding/understanding the documentation.
> I have observed that requests for examples tend to fall into two
> distinct
> categories:
>  1. examples demonstrating usage of a particular tag or feature
>  2. examples of best practice in using the Struts framework
> I would like to see the existing examples consolidated to just two
> applications, each targeted at one of the categories just mentioned.
> The first example application would provide many discrete examples, each
> demonstrating the use of just one feature of struts. This application
> should
> be easy to understand for a new Struts user, should be simple to deploy
> (drop-in war deployment with no configuration required) and should
> become
> *the* point of reference for the Struts documentation and mailing lists.
> It
> could also be used a library of cut-and-paste code. Based on the Tomcat
> examples, I have created what could be the basis for this app
> (
> In the interests of ease of understanding, the first application would
> not
> necessarily exhibit best practice all the time. For instance, in the
> examples I put together I have made no effort to protect JSPs with a
> security constraint or by placing them under WEB-INF. I felt this was
> not
> necessary to demonstrate the tags in use and might confuse novice users.
> I
> don't necessarily think this app should use modules as this could again
> confuse new users. I'm prepared to be convinced on that, Ted :-)
> The second application should demonstrate current best practice in the
> context of a working, realistic application. The purpose of this app
> would
> not be to tutor novice users but to show how Struts features can be used
> together to create real-world applications. Struts Pet Store springs to
> mind
> as a possible example.
> Struts-blank would continue as the basic starter application template.
> I would hope that consolidating the examples and effectively publicizing
> them would help reduce the support burden (call me a dreamer!) and
> enable
> users to become more productive with Struts more quickly.
> Steve
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