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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject Re: Status check?
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 18:00:00 GMT

"Ted Husted" <> wrote in message
> Martin Cooper wrote:
> > The tagging for the main Struts release will actually be a bit more
> > painful for RC2 since you can't just blanket-tag the Commons packages -
> > they'll have to be tagged individually to match the specific versions
> > we're bundling.
> I can understand why we tagged the Commons packages when we were
> building betas against the nightly builds, but now that we are basing
> our RCs on Final Releases or other Release Candidates, tagging the
> Commons CVS seems futile and dangerous. Don't they already have tags for
> the versions upon which we have declared our dependency? And, I'd have
> to be sure I had the release version checked-out (some of which are
> months old now) rather than the current trunk.

I disagree that it is either futile or dangerous.

It is useful because you can, at some point in time, just do a CVS checkout
using the appropriate Struts tag and get everything you need to build that
version of Struts. That way, you don't have to refer to a (possibly
erroneous) document to look up which versions you need to get.

It isn't dangerous, because you can simply ask CVS to tag the code for a
specific version of a Commons component with the relevant Struts tag. It
could be dangerous if it was done off a local code base rather than tagging
CVS against CVS itself, but that's not necessary.

I'll take care of tagging our dependencies once RC2 is out.

Martin Cooper

> -Ted.

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