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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: composable RequestProcessor
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 21:00:52 GMT
At 8:49 +0100 6/2/03, Mete Kural wrote:
>Hello Struts developers,
>I noticed this discussion on how to design the next generation of 
>the Struts RequestProcessor and it got me interested. I have one 
>question to you guys about this subject. Can the next version of 
>RequestProcessor be designed in such a way that it will enable 
>developers to write portlet applications (JSR-168 compliant) that 
>are based on Struts, as well as servlet applications?
>At this time, one needs to tweak Struts and extend it in certain 
>ways in order to write portlet applications based on Struts. 
>Everybody is doing this in their own propriotary way. It would be 
>great if these extensions were part of the standard Struts 
>I think Struts would be a good choice as a framework in portlet 
>environments as well as it has been in servlet environments.

If you have done these tweaks, it would help considerably if you 
could share some more specifics with other developers about where 
Struts was harder to adapt to your needs.

Also note that there is a Wiki page which might be a better place to 
organize design ideas.  I think a lot of things on the mailing list 
get lost.


Joe Germuska       
"If nature worked that way, the universe would crash all the time." 
	--Jaron Lanier

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