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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: composable RequestProcessor
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 18:55:31 GMT
At 17:19 +0200 6/2/03, Matthias Bauer wrote:
>It the solution is to sub-divide the request processor into several 
>smaller pieces (and this is what it currently looks like to me), 
>this does not mean that we have to do anything with servlet filters. 
>Therefore this does not need to wait until Struts 2.0.

You are correct; I think you just misunderstood the point I was 
trying to make.  (which was actually, "gee, it might be fun to start 
talking about Struts 2.0 and if we're about to hit RC2 then there 
must not be any serious 1.1 bugs to fix...")

Anyway, enough talk -- who's got some code?  :-)


Joe Germuska       
"If nature worked that way, the universe would crash all the time." 
	--Jaron Lanier

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