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From "Gary D Ashley Jr." <>
Subject RE: composable RequestProcessor
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 07:22:23 GMT
Just thought I'd through an argument out there against using the xml
configuration approach as food for thought.

On my current application, I have around 12 struts modules.  Each is using
dynaActionForms, 3 or 4 plugins, and ranging from 10-50 actions.

I have several developers who do a great job creating jsps, actions, tiles
and struts config entries, etc.  They definitely don't live in the world of
the RequestProcessor level stuff (and don't want to), as they have to much
to already worry about.

I think if to many more complexities are added to an already huge struts
config file, then that just makes life difficult for your basic struts
programmer just trying to get his jsps to display, validate properly, and
reach the action code ok.

It just seems that most average struts developers aren't working at the
level of extending the RequestProcessor, and therefore don't even want to
see a bunch of potentially complicated looking xml configuration code.

It seems like to me that if you have average joe struts developer out there,
and he wants to use 3 diffent extentions, you are going to only increase the
traffic on the struts user list with him trying to figure out the order of
the processXxx methods, etc.

Shouldn't that complexity be left to all you gurus hanging out on this
mailing list to figure out in code?  =:0)

Besides, the complexity seems like it is nearly impossible to manage with
the more extenstions you try to add into the mix.  Why not focus instead on
pulling in the best of these features into the core of struts, and using
action mappings, etc. to provide more options on what to use (like
validation), etc.  :)

Just more food for thought.

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