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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: composable RequestProcessor
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 18:00:44 GMT
>If RequestProcessor becomes an interface then you ought invent
>a RequestProcessorManager interface, which is an object
>responsible for managing and invoking request processor.
>In other words we have a manager and worker children.
>If not the controller XML needs changing. How about
><manager class="ControllerManager" >
>   <controller class="TilesRequestProcessor" />
>   <controller class="FoobarRequestProcessor" />
>   <controller class="AcmeRequestProcessor" />

I'm not sure how this is different than the proposal to change the xml to 
support RequestProcessors on a method level.  Struts would invoke the one 
registered processor and it would be up to that processor to act as manager 
if needed.

>For Expresso I too have subclassed the TilesRequestProcessor
>for our own ExpressoRequestProcessor. Can a module have
>more than one controller?

In the future you could have ExpressoRequestProcessor implement a 
RequestProcessor interface and dispense with the subclassing altogether.  
Your ExpressoRequestProcessor would act as the manager (using composition) 
if you needed to invoke multiple processors.

I agree with the XP philosophy that often simpler is better.  So, how does 
the interface not meet your needs?


>Peter Pilgrim

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