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From "Manisha.Datye" <>
Subject Validator Javascript being displayed on the jsp page
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 03:18:07 GMT
My application is using the struts validator (struts 1.1). It has some pages
that don't use the validator. 
Page 1 - InitialSearch.jsp (validator) 
Page 2 - SearchResults.jsp (no validator) 
When the InitialSearch.jsp page is displayed the first time it displays
correctly. But if I navigate to the page 2 and return to page 1, the page 1
now displays the validator javascript along with the generated jsp page. The
html source is missing the script tag and the function
validateInitialSearchForm. As there is no start and end tag for script, the
script is displayed on the page. This happens only in the production
Any help is appreciated. Any clue on why the javascript generated by the
validator is be displayed on the jsp page ?

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