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From Rob Leland <>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - jakarta-struts
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 07:11:00 GMT
The Gump build is going to fail again,  tomorrow morning, I have been 
the different gump machines.
I'd appreciate it if someone that has the time could see what I am missing.

 I have been tweaking the struts build.xml and it looks like it should 
really work.
The only funny thing is that the target is for the struts-legacy.jar
is under struts/target/class instead of  
contrib/struts-legacy/target/class but
the jar produced is correct. When the main build starts it copies the 
right number
of jars to the dist directory, I am assuming that includes the 
It's got to be something simple !

An alternate approach is to revert the gump/project/jakarta-struts.xml 
back to version
1.35 and use that as a base for the gump build with two projects.


Christopher Lenz wrote:

> Martin Cooper wrote:
>> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, James Mitchell wrote:
>>> On Monday 23 June 2003 11:18, Christopher Lenz wrote:
>>>> I don't think the Gump builds have anything todo with the nightly 
>>>> builds of
>>>> Struts. The Gump descriptors are in the jakarta-gump directory on
>>>>, and every Apache committer has commit access to that
>>>> directory.
>>> Yes, that sounds like what I was vaguely remembering.
>>> So, at this point, noone can fix this but Craig?
>> No, any Jakarta committer can fix it. The issue is one of figuring 
>> out how
>> to modify the Struts Gump descriptor to build struts-legacy first, and
>> then have the main build refer to that. Any committer can check in the
>> change, we just need to figure out what that change looks like. ;-)
> Revision 1.35 of the Gump descriptor looked a lot better than the 
> current one IMHO. Basically, there need to be two projects:
>  - jakarta-struts-legacy, which builds the struts-legacy JAR
>  - jakarta-struts, which depends on the jakarta-struts-legacy project
> A glue project as in Revision 1.35 should not be needed. The important 
> thing is that the 'dist' target of the main Struts build-file should 
> not try to build struts-legacy. And without having looked at the 
> Struts build file, I suspect there's some kind of chicken & egg 
> problem lurking ;-)
>  - chris

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