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From Ives Landrieu <>
Subject Re: Question on struts, tiles and jsf
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 19:29:09 GMT
David Graham wrote:

> There has already been much discussion around making the 
> RequestProcessor more composable.  The plugins only get called at app 
> startup and shutdown and are an inappropriate place for the desired 
> functionality.
> David

Sorry, I didn't really check any archives and I only recently subscribed 
to this list (like yesterdag ;-) ).
If you say that the plugins are not the correct place for the desired 
functionality, I understand that you only mean that the plugin interface 
should not be extended (I agree, naturally), but that the registration 
of listeners/observers on the request processor during 
plugin-initialisation is probably a good way to go.
Thanks for the quick reply, I will look through the archives for more info.

>> Hi,
>> I was experimenting with struts and tiles (not very experienced in 
>> using them yet) and wanted to explore whether these could be combined 
>> with Java Server Faces (using struts-faces). This does not seem to be 
>> possible, as both the struts-faces integration library as tiles 
>> depend on using their own request processor class.
>> As far as I can tell from a quick look at the struts sources (I don't 
>> think the source code for struts-faces is available?), the main 
>> reasons why this is done is to initialize (reading their config files 
>> etc.) and intercept some forwards/requests.
>> I think this functionality should all be done in the plugin class (or 
>> some kind of listener interface should be created to intercept 
>> forwards). If I understand correctly, plugins are exactly meant for 
>> initializing other application components. I think that the 
>> interception of forwards should also be delegated to plugins (or 
>> refactored out of the request processor).
>> I understand that the way things are is for historical reasons 
>> because tiles was integrated with struts relatively recently, but it 
>> seems that in order to achieve maximum flexibility for struts, the 
>> plugin interface should become more advanced, so that special purpose 
>> request processors become unnecessary.
>> So, to end with a question, am I correct in my analysis? Or is there 
>> another way to combine tiles with java server faces? Can I file this 
>> somewhere as a RFE?
>> Ives
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