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From Ted Husted <>
Subject [VOTE] Convert RC2 to Beta 5
Date Sun, 08 Jun 2003 22:13:43 GMT
In final testing of RC2, some compatibility issues have been found 
between Tomcat 3.3.1 and the struts-exercise-taglib application as well 
as the tiles-documentation application.

Martin Cooper has been looking into the problems and has found that for 
the struts-exercise-taglibs cookie test, it is the

   <jsp:getProperty name="sess" property="name"/>

expression that is failing.

The <jsp:getProperty> tags earlier on the page succeeded. The only
difference seems to be that the earlier ones all have setters as well as 
getters in the Tomcat CookieFacade class, whereas there is only a getter 
for 'name'. So this actually looks like some kind of JSP/reflection bug, 
not related to Struts. (The <bean:cookie> tag must have worked, because 
we know the <jsp:getProperty> tag is trying to access a cookie!)

Also, the (rather complex) comparison test is killing the JVM when run 
under TC3.

In the Tiles application, servlet exceptions are being noted. One 
example is the extendedDefinitionTag page, but there may be others.

Unless fixes to these problems are immediately forthcoming, I propose 
that we document the issues and release Stuts 1.1 beta 5.

By getting this milestone out to the community, we would have a better 
chance of resolving the remaining issues so that we can go to Struts 
1.1. final as soon as possible

This proposal has my +1.


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