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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Status check?
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2003 22:55:23 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:
 > You'll find everything ready to go at ~martinc/struts-legacy on
 > cvs.a.o. I've created the .asc signature files, and the .md5 digest
 > files, but only for the .tar.gz and .zip files, since we don't usually
 > release the .tar files. (They're only needed to produce the .tar.gz
 > files.)

OK, I've made the changes regarding the DBPC/Pool dependencies, and play
tested the new build in an application that exercises the datasource,
along with the Tiles and the Validator -- all systems nominal!

I can do the stock Tomcat testing in the morning, and, should everything 
pass, we can tag this puppy and ship it!

(If anyone wants to be the Release Test Manager, jump in now! There's a 
working candidate at - This is a preview 
only - it is *not* the final RC! but it's what we want to test.)

Assuming the rest is done, Martin, old friend, will you be around 
tomorrow at mid-day to sign the Struts jar for me?

(I promise to get setup to do signing for next time.)


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