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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Status check?
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2003 10:19:44 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:
> file:C:/projects/Apache/jakarta/jakarta-struts/build.xml:308: 
> java.lang.IllegalM
> onitorStateException: current thread not owner
> Total time: 3 seconds
> Any thoughts?
> J2SE 1.3 compiles fine, and of course 1.4 is good, and I thought I had 
> 1.2 working too, but now it doesn't like me anymore =:(
> -Ted.

OK, for the purposes of this release candidate, I am going to take it on 
faith that given a proper JAXP installation, that Struts will compile 
under J2SE 1.2.

If someone does know how, *starting from scratch*, you can download the 
latest J2SE 1.2 and add JAXP support from resources *now available*, 
please provide a patch to the installation page.

If it turns out you-can't-get-there-from-here anymore (because the Sun 
JAXP RI is no longer available as bundled release), we'll just have to 
move our dependency to J2SE 1.3. Time marches on.

I'm running the Tomcat tests now and updating the release notes. Film at 11.


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