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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Status check?
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 20:40:42 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:
> I'll take care of tagging our dependencies once RC2 is out.

Hey, if setting CVS tags is something you like to do, more power to you, 
brother =:)

But don't forget to tag ORO too, not to mention the jdbc2_0-stdext.jar 
and Servlet JAR =:) We also have external dependencies on them, just as 
we have *external* dependencies on the Commons JARs.

But, for the record, I'm planning on building the distribution from that 
same possibly erroneous document that you will later use to set the 
tags. So if the document is wrong, everything else will be wrong too.

If compiling our distribution from JARs distributed by another CVS is 
not acceptable to the team, and I totally misunderstand the point of 
sending these packages to the Commons in the first place, then please 
let me know now, and I'll pass the baton.


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