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From Matthias Bauer <>
Subject Re: composable RequestProcessor
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 14:33:30 GMT
Joe, I agree that it makes sense to wrap things up on the wiki page. And 
the status it currently has is a good snapshot of the current situation. 
We will see how this progresses and when it makes sense to change the 
wiki pages again.

I still need to look at the current request processor code with Ted's 
proposal in mind in order to decide whether I want to switch from the 
code to the configuration side again. ;-)

--- Matthias

Joe Germuska wrote:

> At 21:14 +0800 6/4/03, Andrew Hill wrote:
>> Just had a look at the updated wiki.
>> Is it just me lacking sleep or are the contents for the 
>> singleInterface page
>> and the composableRequestprocessor page kindof in the wrong places? 
>> (ie the
>> stuff for composable on the single page and vice versa)
> I don't think so.  The only thing on the Composable page is a link to 
> Ted's message.  The chunk at the head of the SingleInterface page is 
> cut from the original single page (and might be more confusing), but 
> the diagram below is all about inheriting, not composing.
> Matthias, I see your point about the mailing list having your 
> attention.  My thought is just that people could copy some of what 
> they send to the list into the Wiki page(s) without too much extra 
> effort.  Not everything that is in the thread; that defeats the purpose.
> Maybe that's too much work.  For me, the Wiki page is an experiment in 
> another way of conducting this discussion.  I agree that the 
> discussion happens on the mailing list, but if it never gets trapped 
> outside of the list archives, it's pretty hard to "see the forest for 
> the trees" as they say.
> Joe

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