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From Matthias Bauer <>
Subject Re: composable RequestProcessor
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 14:54:37 GMT
Rephrasing it, would help me, too  ;-)

Brandon Goodin wrote:

>>The controllers that I have seem only subclass one or two methods
>>of the RequestProcessor class itself. Compared your approach
>>and the StrutsChaining guys and realise there are only intercepting
>>the ubiquitous ``execute'' Command method, and not all ten
>>`process*Whatever()' methods.
>I've been following this thread. Very interesting. But, you lost me at the
>afformentioned paragraph. Your english got a little fuzzy :-D. Could you
>please explain your point a little clearer. It sounds like a beneficial
>point. But, I'm not sure if I'm understanding it correctly.
>Brandon Goodin
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