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From "Benjamin Hood" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Multiple Struts Configs references in the web.xml
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 12:09:50 GMT

Sorry for posting this suggestion to this list, I guess it was the wrong
place, because I just wanted make to publicize suggestion for a solution to
problem that I had personally (i.e. many different config files, and not
being able to refer to them on a line by line basis), not that there was
any bug with struts in this respect. Please excuse the misunderstanding.

>Let's discuss the post 1.1 changes post 1.1. Until then, all patches
>proposed by the members of our community should be directed to Bugzilla
>for safekeeping.
>David Graham wrote:
>>> Please post this to Bugzilla as a feature enhancement, and I will look
>>> at it after Struts 1.1 ships.
>>> I agree that it is cheesy to use a comma delimited list in a XML
>>> configuration file. At the time, we were just going for the simplest
>>> solution that could possibly work.
>> It's equally cheesy to mandate some magical suffix text so the parse
>> will work.  Plus, this solution needlessly bloats the web.xml file and
>> is harder to understand than the comma approach.  Unless I'm missing
>> some important reason to supply each config file in its own <init-param>
>> tag, I'm -1 on this change.

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