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From "David Graham" <>
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 17:20:24 GMT
You can easily modify the RequestUtils.encodeURL for your needs.  This is a 
deficiency in Java 1.3 not Struts.


>There is no good general workaround.  If the default encoding
>for the JRE is 8859-1, one can patch together an ugly
>workaround involving a String of UTF-8 bytes that will
>fool Struts and the URL encoder.  But many JREs have a default of ASCII
>and that will trash all the UTF-8 bytes above 0x7F by
>converting them to question marks.
>The solution is for Struts to not use if
>the JRE is < 1.4, and provide its own version instead.
>     Mark
>At 09:42 AM 5/13/2003, Rob Leland wrote:
> >Mark Abbott wrote:
> >
> >>A serious related issue is that for Struts under JDK 1.3.1,
> >>it is impossible to pass any non-ASCII query param values, since Struts 
>in that case uses the broken URLEncoder class
> >>in 1.3.1.  Unfortunately, there is no hook to replace or intercept this 
>usage in Struts because it's buried in static
> >>utility methods.  One can't even request that the affected
> >>html tags not do encoding so it can be done correctly externally.
> >
> >What work around have you been using ?
> >
> >>
> >>        Mark
> >>
> >-Rob
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