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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: validator & inheritance
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 13:39:23 GMT
Rob Leland and I have been working on adding features and refactoring 
commons-validator on which the Struts validator is based.  When we get the 
code in shape we can consider adding enhancements like this.  If you're 
planning on working on this I would wait until the code settles down again 
and the next version is released.


>Are there are any wishes, hopes, or considerations for modifying the
>Validator by adding an extends attribute for inheritance, similar to how
>tiles extends tile definitions?  I use the validator quite a bit; for
>EJB business logic edits, daemon feed edits, standalone edits, & also of
>course struts.  Many of the core edit definitions for a particular
>entity type are the same with some variations.  In fact, within our
>webapp alone we run into situations where an edit suite for a form is
>nearly the same as another yet has a slight twist or difference, thus
>causing a repeat of many edit configurations under a different bean
>name.  Or perhaps there is something like that already built in(wishful
>If no work has been done in this area, I may consider adding such a
>feature if the community here also sees its advantage.  And would be
>willing to consider it for a future release.  If I get positive
>feedback, perhaps one of the original builders could point me in the
>right direction for approaching this task.  It doesn't seem like it
>would be extremely difficult.
>Please share your views!
>Chris Willigham

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