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From "David Graham" <>
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 21:04:17 GMT
Just to be clear, we're not planning on keeping GDS after 1.1 is released 
right?  This is just a temporary solution to maintain compatibility?


>So, by retrofitting the old GDS and adding the new 1.4 Connection 
>signatures as "UnsupportedOperation", she compiles under 1.4 but *without* 
>Commons-DBCP and Commons-Pool.
>I have a Struts 1.0 intranet application that uses the old GDS, so I'll try 
>migrating that to Struts 1.1 tonight, and run some tests. But, since the 
>whole idea of the old GDS wrapper was backward compatibility, it should be 
>Since we're replacing the classes outright, a diff didn't make sense, so I 
>attach a ZIP of the updated GDS and GC classes, in case anyone is 
>interested. These would just be dumped into the util package.
>I'll report again and call for a vote before committing anything to CVS.
>Ted Husted wrote:
>>So one thing that switching over to DBCP did for us was to gain support 
>>(or at least compilability) for the new additions to the Connection 
>>interface in Java 1.4. These are the SavePoint and Holdability methods, as 
>>well as the additional PreparedStatement signatures.
>>The quick fix would be to have all of these throw an 
>>UnsupportedOperationException, as we did for other things GDS didn't 
>>support. That's what I'm trying now. If anyone were already using this in 
>>Struts 1.0, they wouldn't be using these features anyway.
>>If we're not going to carry the DBCP forward into future releases, then 
>>rolling back to GDS seems to me like the best solution, since it retains 
>>backward compatibility and leaves us the least to do later.
>>If I do get this to work, I will of course post a diff for feedback before 
>>committing anything back.
>>Ted Husted wrote:
>>>I'll try it now and see how it goes.
>>>David Graham wrote:
>>>>The easiest solution would be to include the last final release of DBCP. 
>>>>  If everyone agrees on rolling back to GDS and someone volunteers to 
>>>>perform the changes, then it's fine with me.  We haven't heard from many 
>>>>of the committers on this topic though.
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