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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release struts-legacy 1.0
Date Sun, 18 May 2003 16:32:29 GMT
+1 as long as this jar and DataSource implementations are removed for 1.2.  
This is still a temporary solution to get 1.1 out, right?


>We previously tried moving the Struts 1.0 GenericDataSource and 
>GenericConnection classes to a new package under contrib, dubbed 
>"struts-legacy". I've now extended the package to support builds under JVM 
>1.3 or JVM 1.4. (There is a source branch for each, selectable as an 
>buildfile property.)
>I propose that we release the Struts Legacy package so binary JARs can be 
>made available for use with other distributions.
>The binary JVM 1.3 version is upwardly compatible with JVM 1.4 (as is the 
>existing Struts 1.0 class). The Struts 1.1 distribution would then be able 
>to acquire this JAR from our own public release directory. We can replace 
>the Struts 1.1 dependencies on the commons-dbcp and commons-pool jars with 
>a dependency on own struts-legacy.jar.
>Since Martin is +0 on the datasource issue, I can volunteer as Release 
>Manager, if he is unavailable.
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