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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: Status check?
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 02:55:08 GMT
>So you're suggesting that I rip out the deprecated methods now, go for RC1,
>and damn the torpedoes that the API is incompatible between Beta 1 and RC1,
>and there was no warning (other than nightly builds)? You really think
>that's OK?

On one hand, it seems rude to break the builds with not much notice.  On the 
other, you're setting a dangerous precedent of maintaining backward 
compatibility between betas.  If the changes can be fixed in a reasonably 
short amount of time, I think you can just rip out the methods.  If not, can 
you leave them there and remove them in 1.1?

>Gump builds for Tomcat and Turbine will start failing as soon as I remove
>the deprecated methods.

What if you sent a note to the mailing lists with a warning?


>Martin Cooper
> >
> > If you were to go to FileUpload RC1, then perhaps Struts and FileUpload
> > can then go to final together.
> >
> > -Ted.
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