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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Multiple Struts Configs references in the web.xml
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 16:31:03 GMT
>Please post this to Bugzilla as a feature enhancement, and I will look at 
>it after Struts 1.1 ships.
>I agree that it is cheesy to use a comma delimited list in a XML 
>configuration file. At the time, we were just going for the simplest 
>solution that could possibly work.

It's equally cheesy to mandate some magical suffix text so the parse will 
work.  Plus, this solution needlessly bloats the web.xml file and is harder 
to understand than the comma approach.  Unless I'm missing some important 
reason to supply each config file in its own <init-param> tag, I'm -1 on 
this change.


>Thanks for proposing this contribution to the codebase. If you have any 
>other itches, please don't hesitate to scratch them, and send the patch our 
>way =:0)
>Benjamin Hood wrote:
>>Using multiple struts config references in the web.xml was annoying,
>>because it is only a comma delimited list of struts-config urls, defeating
>>the point of XML.
>>Realizing that using a group of values under a common parameter name
>>doesn't validate to the web-app_2_3.dtd, I decided to declare each
>>struts-config url as a separate paramater, and by convention, give the
>>parameter name the suffix "struts-config", so that it will be correctly
>>parsed by my patch.
>>For example:
>>Perhaps not the most nicest solution, but you would have to change the
>>web.xml dtd (but who am I telling this to).
>>PS I ran this patch against Revision 1.148
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