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From "Mitchell Morris" <>
Subject RE: Giving back struts wml:tag lib
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 19:43:27 GMT
The short answer seems to be that none of the current committers know (or
care to know) enough about WML to accept responsiblity for vetting patches
against the library. Certainly there is a stated desire to support alternate
presentation technologies, but there is no clear consensus if the Struts
project is going to expand or contract its JSP tag libraries in the future,
and WML appears to be the red-headed stepchild in the presentation world.

What do I know about it? I've already been where you are. I too needed a WML
tag library and found nothing at the Struts page suggesting I had any
recourse besides writing my own. I submitted it as a "contrib" project (that
being bug #16788) patch, which wound up being politely shunted to the
existing "Struts" sourceforge project at  The code has been committed, and is
visible in the CVS viewer, but so far no interest has been generated. I
don't know if that means that there aren't any WML projects, or if I've just
done a poor job popularizing the library.

I suspect, but don't know, that a similar process occurred to the
(completely unrelated) "struts-wml" project at sourceforge. It appears that
many of us are/have been doomed to reinventing this particular wheel.

welcome-to-the-club-ly y'rs,

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From: Maya Retzlaff []
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 1:46 PM
To: ''
Subject: Giving back struts wml:tag lib


Craigh Mcclanahan, suggested I send these questions to this mailing list
after I contacted him since he was the owner of the related bug.

I'm a developer of a company who developed a wap site in doing so our
clients is paying for the development of a struts wml tag lib. Which we've
suggested to our clients to submit back to the community. I've been given
the task of finding out if there's any interest in it, and what the process
would entail. Since my client hasn't decided yet I'm looking to see what the
different options are and what it would mean for them I'm a bit hesitant
about giving out to much information on a public mailing list. NDAs and all

Its revolves around the status of bug 656 or any other development done on a
wml tag library for struts. I see in the comments of that bug that the
taglib was suggested for the sourceforge struts wml project.

Is this where I should direct my questions? There is a project but seeing that there's
only one developer and that the actual code is 3-5 months old I wonder about
the status of that project. Is there a jakarta hosted project in the making?
If so what's the status on it?

Tag lib:
It includes most if not all tags according to the wml spec and is compatible
with Struts 1.1 beta 1 (testing with 1.1 RC1 is planed in within the next
few weeks)

 * If you would be interested what kind of requirements you have on the
code, documents and so on.
* Have you done this kind of thing before? Could you give me an example of
how it the process would be?
* My plan was getting initial input from you of what you would need from us
and what steps it would go through.

As I'm not yet aware of what type of publicity our clients are interested
in: Do you have any idea of what kind of information would have to be
disclosed during a "review" done by you and subsequently if the code was

If you're interested I've a lot of other questions but I guess these could
be enough.

Best regards
/Maya Retzlaff

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