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From Matthias Bauer <>
Subject Re: composable RequestProcessor
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 07:46:39 GMT
The Struts Workflow Extension ( has 
exactly the problem you are describing. It needs to  overwrite the 
standard RequestProcessor and the TilesRequestProcessor. In order not to 
duplicate any logic, I needed to come up with a class hierarchy I am not 
100% satisified with.

Thus, I am very much in favour with a more composable RequestProcessor. 
However, I totally agree with David, that it is sufficient to provide a 
RequestProcessor interface, instead of choosing the configuration file 

But I don't see a reason why this needs to be deferred until Struts 2.0. 
Why can't the RequestProcessor interface be part of Struts 1.2?

--- Matthias

Joe Germuska wrote:

> Has anyone else wished that RequestProcessor were more composeable? 
> That is, we have come upon a case where we need to override the 
> behavior of a single method in RequestProcessor, but we feel a little 
> sketchy about closing off our ability to use other tools which 
> override RequestProcessor (like Tiles).  Technically, we could just 
> extend the TilesRequestProcessor, which works even if you aren't using 
> tiles, but that's a stop-gap.
> I'm sure other people have thought about how to make the 
> RequestProcessor composeable of smaller handlers for each life-cycle 
> method...    but I thought I'd see what thoughts were out there before 
> riffing on my own ideas.
> I "staked out" 
> on the 
> Wiki as an alternative area for discussion, but of course, if people 
> prefer to use the mailing list, I'll be watching...
> Joe

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