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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release struts-legacy 1.0
Date Sun, 18 May 2003 19:54:13 GMT
David Graham wrote:
 > +1 as long as this jar and DataSource implementations are removed for
 > 1.2.  This is still a temporary solution to get 1.1 out, right?

We're already deprecating GenericDataSource in this release, so we will 
could remove it in the next 1.x release. Once we have removed 
GenericDataSource, and made the corresponding struts-config element 
required, we can remove the dependency on the struts-legacy jar.

The difference from RC1 is that instead of wrapping a DataSource 
implementation from another CVS, we have extracted the original 
datasource into a separate JAR, and provided compilation paths for JVM 
1.3 and 1.4.

Of course, any datasource, including the DBCP, can be plugged into the 
datasource element of the struts-config, which has been true since the 
initial release.


> David
>> We previously tried moving the Struts 1.0 GenericDataSource and 
>> GenericConnection classes to a new package under contrib, dubbed 
>> "struts-legacy". I've now extended the package to support builds under 
>> JVM 1.3 or JVM 1.4. (There is a source branch for each, selectable as 
>> an buildfile property.)
>> I propose that we release the Struts Legacy package so binary JARs can 
>> be made available for use with other distributions.
>> The binary JVM 1.3 version is upwardly compatible with JVM 1.4 (as is 
>> the existing Struts 1.0 class). The Struts 1.1 distribution would then 
>> be able to acquire this JAR from our own public release directory. We 
>> can replace the Struts 1.1 dependencies on the commons-dbcp and 
>> commons-pool jars with a dependency on own struts-legacy.jar.
>> Since Martin is +0 on the datasource issue, I can volunteer as Release 
>> Manager, if he is unavailable.
>> -Ted.

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