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From Ted Husted <>
Subject [VOTE] Product Change: Replace DBPC/Pool with original GDS, distributed in separate JAR
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 22:31:06 GMT
We originally migrated from our GenericDataSource to DBCP to resolve
Java 1.4 interface/compilation issues and also to be good Jakarta citizens.

Since then, we have decided to remove support for a default datasource
as quickly as possible. The anticipated releases of Commons-DBCP and
Commons-Pool are now stalled. In order to move forward, it proposed that
we distribute the original GDS in its own JAR, and move the dependency
in the nightly build from DBCP to our own legacy JAR.

By placing the GDS in its own JAR, we avoid compilation issues created
by the change to the Connection interface between Java 1.4 and Java 1.3.
Developers can still compile the Struts core under Java 1.3, so long as
they download the separate legacy JAR. This is no different that the
current situation, where a developer must acquire Commons-DBCP and

I've successfully migrated a complex database application that used the
GenericDataSource from Struts 1.02 to an updated Struts using the GDS
legacy jar.

The source for the GDS has already been uploaded as an independent
package under contrib (struts-legacy). I would like to change
util.GenericDataSource to wrap this class instead of the DBCP, and
eliminate our dependencies on DBCP and Commons-Pool.


public class GenericDataSource extends
org.apache.struts.legacy.GenericDataSource {



We would then include the struts-legacy JAR where we now include the 
Commons-DBCP and Commons-Pool JARs.

The GDS is being deprecated in the Struts 1.1 release. In a future
release, we can change the datasource element to require a type and
developers can plug in their own datasource implementations. At that
point, we can also remove the struts-legacy JAR from our binary

Votes or discussion, please?


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