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From Ted Husted <>
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 21:00:29 GMT
So, by retrofitting the old GDS and adding the new 1.4 Connection 
signatures as "UnsupportedOperation", she compiles under 1.4 but 
*without* Commons-DBCP and Commons-Pool.

I have a Struts 1.0 intranet application that uses the old GDS, so I'll 
try migrating that to Struts 1.1 tonight, and run some tests. But, since 
the whole idea of the old GDS wrapper was backward compatibility, it 
should be fine.

Since we're replacing the classes outright, a diff didn't make sense, so 
I attach a ZIP of the updated GDS and GC classes, in case anyone is 
interested. These would just be dumped into the util package.

I'll report again and call for a vote before committing anything to CVS.


Ted Husted wrote:
> So one thing that switching over to DBCP did for us was to gain support 
> (or at least compilability) for the new additions to the Connection 
> interface in Java 1.4. These are the SavePoint and Holdability methods, 
> as well as the additional PreparedStatement signatures.
> The quick fix would be to have all of these throw an 
> UnsupportedOperationException, as we did for other things GDS didn't 
> support. That's what I'm trying now. If anyone were already using this 
> in Struts 1.0, they wouldn't be using these features anyway.
> If we're not going to carry the DBCP forward into future releases, then 
> rolling back to GDS seems to me like the best solution, since it retains 
> backward compatibility and leaves us the least to do later.
> If I do get this to work, I will of course post a diff for feedback 
> before committing anything back.
> Ted Husted wrote:
>> I'll try it now and see how it goes.
>> David Graham wrote:
>>> The easiest solution would be to include the last final release of 
>>> DBCP.  If everyone agrees on rolling back to GDS and someone 
>>> volunteers to perform the changes, then it's fine with me.  We 
>>> haven't heard from many of the committers on this topic though.
>>> David

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