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From Gareth Andrew <>
Subject Re: New Development... PipelineAction/ProcessActions capability.
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 10:50:45 GMT
Is this kind of competition good for struts?  I have no doubt that most 
of the struts developers and several people who are considering becoming 
struts devlopers have a lot of ideas for 1.2.x and 2.x struts features.  
At the moment it seems to be bad ettiquette to discuss anything but the 
current release - so most people are simply sitting on their ideas 
quietly as you described.  Would it not benefit Struts if some of this 
future development could take place out in the open - either in some 
kind of struts sandbox or in a separate 1.2.x or 2.x branch.  Obviously 
the danger is that the developers will stop concentrating on creating 
timely releases and the future bracnches/sandbox will run away from 
official releases.  AFAIK this is what happened between 1.02 and 1.1 and 
as has already been discussed a much shorter, faster release schedule is 
needed to combat this.  The sandbox/branch setup could make this a lot 
easier, since code could still be in CVS and open to review before it 
was even nominated for a particular release.

I'm fairly inexperienced with open source development and struts/jakarta 
development so there is probably a big flaw somewhere, or this issue may 
have been discussed many times over.  Feel free to educate me, this i 
only my tuppence worth.


Arron Bates wrote:

>Mate, I haven't actually read your idea yet, because all I can say is that
>you're going to have to watch the list like a hawk to get your idea/code through.
>I have no doubt that at least half of the developer list is jumpin up and
>down, like kids waiting to use an occupied toilet, for 1.1 to fly as a release
>so they can get relief on some new funky features.
>They know who they are...  :P
>You'll have to bring it back up too. Just to make sure you get your input in
>there, 'cause when it happens developers go a little blind while implementing
>their fun stuff (development version to the other way of going blind). Fact
>is, some of them already have working implementations on ideas (I know Martin
>does at least), and I'm sure one of the ideas will cross the path of your
>pipeline implementation. I have a small one myself, it's a little too tied
>into a small form/bean framework, but it's gettin the job done (and so sweet
>with the nested tags).
>There's a whole lot of "relief" going to happen after the release. It happened
>after previous releases, it'll happen again. It shall be fun.

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